Tips and Tricks to Get Free Recharge

With the increasing popularity of smartphones, or mobile phones in general, mobile recharge has garnered a permanent space in the monthly expenditure of every household all over India. But what if you could save this expense just by using few tricks online? 

There are many free mobile recharge websites which allow their members to receive free mobile recharge in the accounts for performing certain activities on the website. One such website is called Ultoo. This site was created with single motto of helping Ultoo users to connect with their loved ones via SMS and mobile (free recharge is provided by them). Just follow the tips given below and earn your mobile recharge without paying any extra penny:

  • Mcent Browser rewards you with points for all your daily internet activities , which you can the use to get free recharge. The best way to earn points is by using mcent browser just like you would use any other browser by searching the web, reading news, watching video, etc.
  • With Ultoo you start earning right from the time of registration and verification process. Your successful registration garners you Rs. 2 in your account and Re. 1 when your email id gets verified for the first time.
  • Grow your network on the website by inviting family and friends on Ultoo. This will also help you to receive Rs 2 for every friend that joins Ultoo through your referral link. However, remember that money will get credited in your account only after successful registration, login and couple of messages sent by your friend.

  • How to Refer your Friends on Ultoo. 

  • There are many websites that are created around the concept of asking the opinion of people on certain or any topic. Ultoo also includes this feature in its list of services with 1 paisa worth amount attached to each and every response. Your account can also get credited with 10 Paisa for submitting poll questions.
  • Getting bored!!Not to worry. Ultoo has an answer for this boredom also. Just play games, quizzes and earn free recharge for every correct answer. One such game is called which basically asks question related to English grammar and vocabulary as whole. Every correct answer is accorded with 2 Paisa which only gets credited to your after you have answered 10 questions in a row. 
  • The second interesting past time is Jackpot. It has different levels having different amount set against them. This also follows the same rule of playing 10 questions straight to get money credited. The list of level with their earning is given below-

  1. Silver Level – 1 Paisa
  2. Gold Level – 2 Paisa
  3. Diamond Level -  3 Paisa
  4. Platinum Level – 4 Paisa

To redeem the free recharge that you earned you need minimum balance of Rs. 10.Apart from above services, you can also spend hours on website playing many more games and watching videos which can be saved under your account for reviewing at later time.